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Application as a mainstay

The rapid development of technology today encourages producers to innovate and utilize the internet and technology as a transaction medium. Various types of e-commerce are currently busy adopting the same marketing techniques, from the promotion side to encouraging sales activities. The internet which is currently spurring people to be faster and more efficient makes almost all activities require the internet, let's say that transportation needs are now popping up with many online-based transportation such as taxis and motorcycle taxis. Online-based transportation provides convenience and speed for its users through online applications.

This phenomenon also refers to J&T Express as the first express package delivery brand in Indonesia to adapt technology systems in all aspects. Recognizing the need for speed and ease of transactions, J&T Express is proud to present an attractive and new package booking method through online applications as all transaction media. After previously the method of sending packages through the application only exists outside Indonesia and is carried out by non-local express brands, J&T Express currently allows customers throughout Indonesia to send packages only through online applications.

Where can I get the J&T Express application?

The J&T Express application can already be downloaded on the Appstore and Playstore on all forms of smartphones. Through this application customers can carry out a variety of transaction activities not only from ordering a free package pick-up service on the spot, but to the process of tracking the position of the package to the destination. This ease in one hand frees customers from worry and hassle free.

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