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In the Online Shopping Festival 11.11, J&T Express Goes Up By Reaching 6 Million Packages

The euphoria of online shopping festival is not only felt by online traders, but also J&T Express as an express delivery service that focuses on e-commerce business in Indonesia. J&T Express supports the festive 11.11 shopping festival in a number of marketplaces. As a logistics partner in the e-commerce platform and the high demand of the community, making J&T Express stepped on the gas pedal deeper until shipment reached 6 million packages in that period. This can be seen from the increasing number of airway bills included in J&T Express delivery data as a community-preferred delivery service.

The peak of the excitement of the online shopping party on November 11, 2019 has made the public more enthusiastic towards the end of the year and support the high transaction rates for J&T Express as an express delivery service that has covered all regions in Indonesia. Shipping to this area is the strong reason J&T Express continues to serve and be trusted.

"Not only in big cities, we want all packages to be sent evenly to all regions in Indonesia. Through this momentum, J&T Express supports the needs of the community by providing the best service, one of which is by maximizing delivery. We operate 365 days and use an automatic sorting machine as a tool for efficient distribution of packages, "said Robin Lo, CEO of J&T Express Indonesia. "We can say that shipping rate has climbed 70% compared to the 11.11 online shopping festival last year. We have also made various preparations to accommodate the high surges of shipments such as the addition of fleets and resources, "he concluded.

Reporting from the press release no. 110 based on the results of a study by Ernst & Young (EY) and the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy in a roadmap study that e-commerce business in Indonesia is expected to grow 10 times by 2020. Seeing this study has great potential for J&T Express to continue to strengthen its preparations for shipping demand in Indonesia which is predicted to rise, especially at the upcoming 12.12 Harbolnas.

Collaborating with various e-commerce platforms and supporting package delivery with free delivery fee with no minimum purchase at this online shopping festival is a tangible form of J&T Express expressing its superiority in the distribution of packages. Automatic sorting machine that is able to sort 30,000 packages per day with 108 destinations is the mainstay of J&T Express for efficient distribution of packages.

Stretching this shopping festival has a positive impact on J&T Express in collaboration with Shopee 11.11 Big Sale, by providing free express delivery services up to 20,000 Rupiah without minimum transactions at the peak of the festival in mid-November 2019. The online shopping festival 10.10 last month was one of the peak moments for J&T Express where this express delivery service that has been established for 4 years in Indonesia reached 4.5 million packages.

Although demand for shipping continues to increase, J&T Express believes it is able to satisfy the needs of the logistics market. As it grows together with e-commerce business, this technology-based service provider already has more than 2,000 Drop Points and 2,000 Collection Points and more than 1,000 fleets spread all throughout Indonesia.

"We are currently in the construction of a mega hub equipped with more innovative automatic sorting facilities. So that facing the large number of packages that will emerge, we believe that with this technology, efficiency will be better maintained and the operational process of delivery be more optimal, " Robin added.

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