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Semi Post-Pandemic , J&T Express Shipping Transactions Harbolnas 10.10 Increasingly Speeding Up to 13.5 million Packages

Jakarta, October 13, 2021 – J&T Express as a global-scale shipping service brand continues to be committed to supporting online business growth such as its tagline. Making it easy for customers to be available on various marketplace platforms makes this delivery service brand serve the high demand for customers who shop online, especially on national shopping days which provides a variety of attractive promos. At 10.10 this year, J&T Express recorded shipments as high as 13.5 million packages, an increase of more than 50% compared to the previous year.

"Harbolnas 10.10 this year, the increase in shipments at J&T Express occurred quite significantly compared to the previous year. It is undeniable that apart from the promos offered in every e-commerce, the transition to digital is also one of the main factors for this increase. We have also predicted this considering that every year we achieve quite a high spike. The increase in package delivery entrusted by customers to us so that we can achieve positive achievements like this makes us continue to strive to do the best for our customers," said Robin Lo - CEO of J&T Express.

Online shopping transactions every year often experience an increase due to the shopping transition from offline to online coupled with the pandemic situation that has hit since last year making people more familiar with technology and shopping digitally even though the current pandemic situation continues to improve. Robin Lo - CEO of J&T Express added "Every year we have anticipated additional customer delivery requests so that we continue to prepare various supporting facilities and innovations".

In order to support shipments that are increasing every year, in addition to providing additional human resources, equipment and fleets according to the needs of each province area, J&T Express has also provided an automatic sorting machine that is capable of sorting up to 1.5 million packages per day in various sorting warehouses scattered throughout the country. Indonesia. Delivery efficiency is also continuously promoted with the availability of air freighters that are able to support specific deliveries to one to two delivery destinations in 1 day, regulated agent facilities in the J&T Express sorting warehouse and additional service options such as J&T Eco and J&T Super which are continuously being developed.

Even with the increase in delivery during the online shopping festival in the post-pandemic spring like now, J&T Express has not relaxed health protocols one bit in maximizing customer package delivery. Until now, J&T Express routinely carries out disinfection of packages, operational areas to swab every employee in the field for the safety and comfort of customers and employees.

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