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J&T Express Delivery Preparation In Ramadhan

Jakarta, May 3 2019 - Ramadan is synonymous with increasing public demand for certain needs, including online sales transactions. Seeing this, J&T Express as a technology-based shipping service company that supports the development of e-commerce, prepares to anticipate an increasing shipping package, and targets the completion of a gateway (sorting center) and automatic sorting machine in several major cities, of course there will be 4 times the fleet increase from the previous year's Ramadan, SDM.

"For us, the month of Ramadan is one peak season every month. This year J&T Express will add a 4-fold fleet to help mobilize and operate, as well as HR to try to provide maximum service. This momentum is of more concern to be able to continue to encourage smooth delivery with a target of 2-3 times higher than last year, "said Robin Lo, CEO of J&T Express. "We also carry out operational preparations to maintain a smooth shipping flow," Robin added.

Citing Google and Temasek data, more than 94% of Indonesians are connected and access the internet via smartphones, spending 4 hours accessing the internet through mobile devices. In fact, 68% are online shopper who use to find the desired product. Therefore, the need for shipping goods will also increase. In this regard, J&T Express strengthens its preparations to face challenges that will occur ahead of Ramadan.

As in previous years, Java Island is predicted to be the area with the highest shipping period in the peak season, such as this month of Ramadan. However, similar preparations were also made in other areas in anticipation of a surge in shipments compared to normal days. As CEO of J&T Express, Robin Lo goes directly to a number of locations in areas such as Pontianak, Batam, Pekanbaru, Bandung, Surabaya, and other J&T Express branches to review the preparations made.

Facing an increase in shipments ahead of Ramadan, J&T Express makes it easy for customers with the even delivery feature to all regions in Indonesia and operational 365 days without holidays. Serve free pick-up in places that can be accessed through applications, websites, and call centers that can serve 24 hours. That way J&T Express is ready to serve the shipping and online shipping needs of all Indonesian people in the month of Ramadan.


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