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Interpret of Expreѕѕion in Each Package, J&T Express Collaborates with Rio Motret

Jakarta, August 3, 2023 - As a global delivery service that has been present in 13 countries, J&T Express has witnessed various customer expreѕѕions when sending or receiving packages. Celebrating 8 years of a special journey this August, J&T Express collaborated with well-known Indonesian photographer Rio @riomotret to launch a photo work entitled "Thousands of Expreѕѕions". Thousands of Expreѕѕions is an illustration of various expreѕѕions that are an essential part of J&T Express delivery.

J&T Express CEO, Robin Lo, said "We believe every package sent has its own story for customers, and the moment of sending a package is not just about joy. Our collaboration with Rio Motret provides a deeper picture of how customers feel when the moment of receiving a package becomes something memorable, as well as a form of our happiness in conveying this mandate. Couriers and customers indirectly experience this special moment. Thank you to all customers for their trust for the past 8 years in J&T Express."

Rio Wibowo, or better known as Rio Motret, expressed his enthusiasm for collaborating with J&T Express. “Each photo has an interesting story to tell, and through photography, we can convey feelings and messages that are sometimes difficult to expreѕѕ in words. I hope that the results of our collaboration will inspire and bring depth of emotion to all who see it, "said Rio.

In addition to launching photography works, J&T Express invites the Indonesian people to share images of similar expreѕѕions through a photography competition with the theme "Thousands of Expreѕѕions 8 Years of Unlimited Journey #8ERSAMAJNT" with a total of up to 20 million rupiah. This competition takes place from 2-24 August 2023 with specific types of Human Interest photos that can be participated by all groups. For people who want to participate, they can follow the competition requirements and this photo competition program is free of charge, so they are advised to be aware of fraud.

For further information regarding the Thousand Expreѕѕion photo competition, you can access it via the official J&T Express Instagram at @jntexpressid or at https://bit.ly/RibuanEkspresiJNT 

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