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Building The Goodness At Ramadhan, J&T Express Holds Fast Breaking with Orphans Nationally

Jakarta, May 27 2019 - Ramadan is a good month to share with others in any case. Taking advantage of this moment, J&T Express as a technology based shipping service company that supports the development of e-commerce, express that kindness by holding iftar with orphans in all branches throughout Indonesia during Ramadan.

The activity of breaking fast together which is held with the aim of sharing happiness in this holy month is not just about studying and eating together. But there are various interesting activities for children such as games, entertainment such as dancing, distribution of parcels or parcels, to tausiah while waiting for the time to break the fast.

"This activity is a form of J&T Express's concern to add closeness to the community, especially to our brothers in the Orphanage and can share goodness to all corners of the archipelago," said Rachel, J&T Express Brand Manager. "In addition, we also held a series of other sharing activities in all branches," he added.

Carrying the theme "J&T Super Berbagi", the complete set of joint activities that have taken place when entering Ramadhan until the end of the upcoming Ramadhan among others, share Imsakiyah's schedule to make it easier for people to know the imsak schedule at dawn and share takjil with customers and communities in the Drop Point area , mosques and pedestrians on the roadside at the beginning and middle of the fasting month. Not only that, J&T Express also shares food to break the fast with street workers, even sahur on the road in several cities. All of these activities were enthusiastically welcomed by local residents.

Even though Ramadhan is one of the peak seasons of J&T Express shipping, this sharing activity continues in all branches as a form of participation in Indonesian society especially during the holy month of Ramadan. Because the Eid Al-Fitr majority of the people will return to their hometowns to regroup together with their families, J&T Express also supports and participates in government programs in the form of free mudik conducted in several cities namely Jakarta and the West Java area.

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