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Embrace SOS Children’s Villages, J&T Express Distributes more than 1,000 elementary schools in Indonesia

In line with the reach to all corners of the archipelago, J&T Express as a delivery service that focuses on e-commerce business in Indonesia, embraces 1,100 elementary level students to provide assistance in the form of school uniforms for students in various regions of Indonesia.

In collaboration with non-profit institutions that dedicate themselves to caring for children left behind or missing parents, SOS Children's Villages Indonesia, school uniforms are distributed covering the areas of Banda Aceh, Meulaboh, Medan, Jakarta, Lembang, Semarang, Bali and Flores. This collaborative social program is a form of J&T Express's concern for the education of Indonesian children.

 "Through this collaboration, J&T Express supports Indonesian education and motivates enthusiasm for children from elementary school age. We believe education is the basis for forming quality individuals. Therefore, we are collaborating with SOS Children’s Village to facilitate uniforms which are considered quite important in teaching and learning activities,"said Herline Septia, J&T Express Brand Supervisor.

Aside from being aimed at helping uniform needs for children, this activity is the closing of the fourth anniversary of J&T Express which fell last August. SOS Children’s Villages also welcomed with open arms and invited the J&T Express to visit the location area to introduce the village where children live.

"It is a pleasure for us for the assistance given to children, especially in the SOS SOS village. All children living in this village are under our care and the majority are elementary school level. On this occasion, we would like to thank J&T Express and hope that this can be a driving force for children's learning, "said Sumardi, Cibubur Village Director.

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