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J&T Express won the 2023 Marketeers Editor's Choice Award for the Brand Activation of the Year Category

As a young, active and warm delivery service brand, J&T Express won an award at the 2023 Marketeers Editor's Choice Award (MECA), in the "Brand Activation of The Year" category which was held at CGV Grand Indonesia, Jakarta on October 10 2023. This award given as appreciation for J&T Express' extraordinary efforts in driving creativity and innovation strategies through the J&T Connect Run program which has provided positive benefits to the community.

J&T Express Brand Manager, Herline Septia, explained, "We really appreciate MECA 2023 and this is part of our commitment to present memorable and positive brand activations. This award is a sign of appreciation for the hard work of all teams in creating positive engagement that can have an impact for society. This achievement is an extraordinary encouragement for us to continue to grow and have an even greater positive impact on society. We hope that J&T Express can continue to inspire and play an important role in the development of the community and logistics industry in Indonesia." she concluded.

MECA 2023, organized by Marketeers, is a prestigious award given to brands that have succeeded in creating creative and innovative breakthroughs in developing company marketing strategies that can build engagement, experience and empowerment. The success of J&T Connect Run as the best activation program is based on assessment criteria in terms of Creativity (uniqueness of the program), Innovation (novelty, functionality and added value brought), Reach (reach of the program/service), and the real impact that has been generated for the company, customers, and society.

The MECA 2023 award is a form of J&T Express' commitment to providing added value to society through innovative and meaningful programs, as well as establishing involvement with the community to form services that provide a real impact on society. J&T Express would like to thank all parties who have played a role in providing extraordinary support and enthusiasm. By winning this award, it is hoped that J&T Express can continue to contribute positively, especially in advancing the delivery service industry and building involvement, experience and empowerment for customers and the wider community.

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