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Immediately Helping Flood Victims, J&T Express Forms J&T Express Care Movement Team

Floods that hit the Greater Jakarta area at the beginning of the new year 2020 due to high rainfall left various problems after the floods that hit hundreds of thousands of homes. J&T Express as a delivery service company that puts forward this technology formed the J&T Express Care Movement Team to help flood victims in the Bekasi and East Jakarta areas which are areas with the highest flood depth.

In collaboration with the East Jakarta Dept. Health Department's flood response program team and the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) Team, J&T Express distributed hundreds of food, mineral water, logistical assistance to clean water supply to the surrounding residents. Not only that, together with the ACT J&T Express team provides a fleet of vehicles to distribute aid to areas that are still minimal in reach by various parties.

"Seeing the natural disasters that have a big impact in Jabodetabek, we have formed a special team that is ready to help distribute a variety of assistance to areas in need from basic needs to post-flood needs for the next few days. We are also working with the Quick Action Response for the distribution of this assistance, which was welcomed by the community and volunteers, "said Robin Lo as CEO of J&T Express.

The clean water supply provided by J&T Express for several days was used to help Bekasi residents clean up the remaining mudflow in the area of the house and the local mosque. Not only that, J&T Express also established a J&T Express Care post to help channel aid from the Fast Action Response.

Mr. Arpen as the Head of the Indonesian Volunteer Community (MRI) Rapid Action for Jabodetabek Response Karawang said "Since the floods hit the Bekasi area we have helped evacuate residents in the Bekasi area with our rescue and medical teams including post-flood cleaning and food assistance. We are grateful to J&T Express for providing the assistance we really need to help citizens ”

14 Posts set up by Aksi Cepat Tanggap in the Bekasi area will be distributed with a variety of assistance from J&T Express, especially the Pondok Gede Permai Housing area, which has minimal assistance due to the limited fleet. With the help of several fleets and the J&T Express movement team, caring about survival needs and post-flood cleanup needs can meet the needs of residents of the area.

In addition to the appalling conditions in the Bekasi area, a similar situation also applies in the area of East Jakarta, which is distributed food and logistical assistance by J&T Express "In this post there is every 2 hours there is a check of puddles, until now it has begun to decrease and recede from compared to this morning with a pool area of 100 meters "said Heni Wahyuni, Head of the Jatinegara Sub-District Program.

A total of 717 inhabitants out of 239 households (KK) the number of refugees gathered from several evacuation posts, including the Kampung Melayu Village Office Hall, SMPN 26 Jakarta Kampung Melayu, Ittihadul Ikhwan Mosque Hall 08, East Jakarta Sudinkes, and West Jatinegara Rusunawa.

This social activity is a form of J&T Express's concern for the community affected by flooding in a number of the capital and surrounding areas. By moving the special team to prepare various equipment to help meet the needs, especially residents who fled to the flood evacuation post.

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