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J&T Cargo is Coming Soon to Serve Large Package Delivery in Indonesia

Jakarta, August 16, 2021 – J&T Express, a shipping service that focuses on the e-commerce business by prioritizing technology in its operations, continues to consistently develop its business. Towards the end of August 2021, J&T Group opened a new company, namely J&T Cargo, which will be present to serve the delivery of cargo in Indonesia. The presence of J&T Cargo completes the type of shipping service with large weight and volume.

“The logistics industry is dynamic, so we need to balance services with the needs of the community, especially in Indonesia's strategic geographical area. Approaching the sixth year of J&T Express, J&T Cargo will be present to complete the cargo delivery in Indonesia. With business development in various goods delivery sectors, J&T continues to be committed to provide optimal and efficient delivery, " concluded Robin Lo, CEO of J&T Express.

The growth of e-commerce in Indonesia cannot be separated from, and intersects with the growth of shipping services as one of the pillars. This is also supported by the statement of the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Logistics Association (ALI), quoted from the official ALI website, that the e-commerce logistics sector recorded fantastic growth like the e-commerce sector which reached 18.1% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, with the COVID-19 pandemic situation, it is not only increasing the habit of online transactions, but it is estimated that the trend of online transactions will continue in the future. The presence of J&T Cargo will complement the efficient delivery of heavy and large volume cargo at competitive prices.

Previously, J&T Express has also expanded its business scope by expanding in several countries to provide services in Southeast Asia and also to China. Several types of delivery services have also been developed to provide easy delivery of customer packages such as J&T Super as a premium service with free shipping fee refund guarantees, and J&T ECO as a delivery service with affordable price.



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