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Understanding the Market, J&T Express Wins 2018 Marketing Award

Jakarta, 31 August 2018 - J&T Express, a growing express delivery service company in Indonesia, won the fourth award in 2018, the 2018 Marketing Award in the Best in Experiential Marketing category after receiving the 2018 Top Brand Award, 2018 Top Business Opportunity Award and the 2018 Service Quality Award some time ago. The Best Marketing Experiment award of the 2018 Marketing Award was given by Mr. Anang Gozali to Mr. Iwan Senjaya as J&T Express Key Account Manager at Hotel Mulia - Senayan, South Jakarta.

Quoted from the September 2018 edition of Marketing magazine, J&T Express is judged to be keen to understand the needs of consumers who are scattered in Indonesia, which consists of at least several points, namely price, speed, security, and real time tracking and reporting. J&T Express also builds network infrastructure throughout Indonesia, collaborates with e-commerce, develops digital services, and provides free pick-up services at places with no minimum weight and number of packages. This expertise has made J&T Express, which only started operating three years ago, successfully enter the ranks of the package delivery and logistics business.

"We are very happy at this third age, we were again awarded various awards. This proves that within a period of 3 years, J&T Express has become a well-known brand and has won the hearts of its customers. In the future we will continue to maintain the existing services and do not forget to continue to innovate even better "Said Iwan Senjaya. The Best in Experimental Marketing award that was won was inseparable from the services provided by J&T Express which were considered good and made it easier for customers. The achievement of J&T Express in this award is shown by a doubling of package delivery compared to 2017.

In accordance with the theme of 3 years growing for Indonesia, in the future J&T Express will continue to carry out various activities that strengthen synergies with various partners both e-commerce and SMEs for various promotional activities and provide education on online business to the public, especially those who have not yet entered the digital world.

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