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Welcoming the Online Shopping Festival, J&T Express Maximizes 12.12 Deliveries to 10 Million Packages

Shopping festival has reached the peak of the end of the year, the lively National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) cannot be separated from the role of express delivery services that often move extra at the awaited moment for everyone in Indonesia. As an Indonesian express delivery service company that focuses on e-commerce, J&T Express maximizes its delivery to reach 10 million packages at the end of this year's peak season known as 12.12.

Because the growth of e-commerce increasingly brings a new atmosphere for people who enjoy online shopping. Supported by technological advancement, J&T Express makes it easy for the community by providing iOS and Android applications. In addition, customers are facilitated with a real time tracking system to find out the position of the package, coupled with ongoing operations 365 days ready to welcome Harbolnas which falls on 12 December 2019.

Quoted from statista.com, the biggest market segment is Fashion with a market volume of US $ 4,792 million in 2019. Penetration of Indonesian e-commerce users is 62.2% in 2019 and is expected to increase for the next three years. This prediction is familiar with the delivery of J&T Express, especially during the Harbolnas moment.

"The number of deliveries will usually increase during peak season, especially at Harbolnas, arguably when the needs of both sellers and buyers for express delivery services is at peak. Seeing the rapid growth of e-commerce that is still rising, will automatically impact on the logistic needs of exoress delivery services, and we provide maximal service. This year, we have delivered 4x more packages than last year, ” said Robin Lo, CEO of J&T Express.

 As a form of support for the e-commerce business, J&T Express works with a number of marketplaces to provide convenience for package delivery to reach all regions of Indonesia, so customers from remote areas can also enjoy the excitement of this year's Harbolnas, while continuing to be active on social media so that they do not miss the opportunity to get the best promotions.

 Referring to the research conducted by We Are Social, in collaboration with Hootsuite, in the press release No. Kominfo 201 in 2019, half of the Indonesian population are active on social media. This shows that the development of e-commerce business is increasingly widespread. The growth of online business has an impact on the logistics sector as a means of supporting distribution and e-commerce transactions.

 Technological advances drive the growth of e-commerce in Indonesia to continue to bring forth new innovations in the industrial era 4.0 and J&T Express with systems and technology-based delivery taking positive opportunities at Harbolnas by optimally supporting express deliveries in Indonesia.

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