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Manifest Love On Mother's Day, J&T Express Invites Community Children to Give Gifts to Their Mothers

Mother's Day is celebrated in Indonesia every 22nd of December 2019. The celebration of Mother's Day is indeed not as thick and festive as holidays or other commemorations but is still celebrated by various groups of people, communities and shopping centers. In 2019, J&T Express participated in celebrating the 91st Mother's Day by inviting children from the Komunitas Jendela Jakarta, Manggarai, South Jakarta to shop for a special gift for their mothers.

On this occasion J&T Express invited two children from Komunitas Jendela Jakarta, July (9) and Putra (10) to give awards and appreciation in the form of gifts which are one of the 5 forms of love language on Mother's Day.

"As mothers and parents, of course they sacrifice a lot for their children, and on this Mother's Day, we want to hold a special activity by inviting children to show love to their mothers," said Rachel as J&T Express' Brand Manager. "We invite these two children to shop for special items that they choose themselves for their mothers"

Not only on Mother's Day, the eldest son of two siblings has also shown love to his Mother by being a diligent, obedient and well-behaved child. Seeing his beloved mother suffering from illness, Putra wanted to buy a gift in the form of a jacket and bag for the needs of his Mother when visiting the hospital.

The Mother's Day program with J&T Express is expected to provide happiness and increase familiarity for both the Mother and child in various ways, not only in the form of gifts but also in the form of hugs, time spent together or verbal expressions.

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