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Become the Official Logistics Sponsor Mandalika GP Series, J&T Express Invites the Community To Watch the Exclusive MotoGP in Lombok

Jakarta, March 1, 2022 – Indonesia will host the second series of the 2022 MotoGP series, as an international shipping service, J&T Express officially becomes the Official Logistic Sponsor of the Mandalika GP Series 2022 and supports the excitement of this most prestigious motorcycle racing event by inviting the public to witness it firsthand. World-class racers compete in the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara on March 18-20, 2022.

"J&T Express supports various types of sports including the 2022 Mandalika MotoGP as one of the world's largest motorcycle racing championships and enlivens the spirit of MotoGP lovers. At this moment, it also introduces local and foreign visitors with the J&T Express delivery service brand that reaches all parts of Indonesia, and has even been present in 11 countries spread across Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East and Latin America," said Herline Septia, Brand Manager J&T Express.

Ahead of the Mandalika 2022 MotoGP event, J&T Express held a brand activation titled #MotoGPbarengJNT which is an interaction program with prizes for watching the Mandalika 2022 MotoGP live exclusively through the official Instagram social media @jntexpressid. This program aims to share opportunities with people who want to watch live at the racing arena by getting tickets for the Mandalika 2022 MotoGP along with exclusive round-trip accommodation for 5 winners. This ongoing giveaway can be followed from March 1-7 2022 with detailed information that can be accessed through the official J&T Express website www.jet.co.id

Herline added that the pandemic condition is a concern and ensures that the lucky J&T Express giveaway winners must comply with health protocols. "The winners who will be selected to watch #MotoGPbarengJNT will be ensured that all of them meet the requirements according to the applicable regulations. The commitment to health protocols is also applied to our operations, to maintain mutual security," he added.

The presence of J&T Express as the Official Logistics Sponsor of the Mandalika GP Series 2022, among others, supports economic growth and tourism in the region and is expected to encourage increased shipments, especially to the Lombok area with several new services, namely J&T Super and J&T International Standard Express. J&T Express shipments reached 3 million packages per day.

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