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Towards the 5th Anniversary, J&T Express Appreciates Customers by Realizing Dream Items Through the J&T Gapai Mimpimu Program

Shipping services that focus on sending ecommerce businesses and reaching out to remote parts of Indonesia, J&T Express will enter its 5th year in August. Coming to the anniversary this time J&T Express held a series of activities as a form of appreciation to customers, one of which was by inviting the public to share stories about dreams and realize their dream items through a program titled "J&T Gapai Mimpimu" with a total prize of 3 billion rupiahs.

This program takes place in the period of July 14-August 19, 2020 with an easy mechanism, participants only need to upload photos on Instagram feeds, including stories about dreams and items they want to buy to realize their dreams. Every week a number of winners with selected stories will be realized by J&T Express, all goods that are realized will be traded exclusively on the Shopee Indonesia marketplace platform.

In addition to realizing the customer's dream, this program also aims to support the business of online sellers, which is in accordance with the focus of J&T Express to serve the ecommerce business delivery, then all prizes will be transacted in online stores on the marketplace platform, while also encouraging the advancement of MSMEs in Indonesia .

"Birthdays are always special moments, entering the 5th age of J&T Express, we would like to express our gratitude for the support and trust of all customers so far. We are sure everyone has their own dreams, on this occasion we want to fulfill the dreams of our customers by inviting them to tell stories and giving J&T Express the opportunity to reach their dreams. Said Robin Lo, CEO of J&T Express.

Through this program all customers throughout Indonesia can participate anywhere through digital channels and detailed information about J&T Gapai Mimpimu can be accessed at https://bit.ly/JnTGapaiMimpimu or on the hashtag #JntGapaiMimpimu on Instagram social media.

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