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Winning These Two Awards, J&T Express Consistently Communicates Young and Active Brands

Jakarta, March 28, 2022 – J&T Express, a global-scale shipping service company, consistently applies a young, active, and warm brand tone in every brand campaign and activation it carries out. By continuing to focus on this, J&T Express won the Generation Z's Marketeers Youth's Choice Brand of The Year 2022 award at the Marketeers Xfest 2022 event, an e-conference attended by more than 3000 Generation Z people from all over Indonesia which was held virtually on March 26 2022.

The achievement of the Gold position in the Courier Service category in the 2022 Youth's Choice Brand of The Year in the online voting of 1,500 Generation Z proves the existence of effective brand advocacy and brand awareness from J&T Express as the first shipping service brand that carries a harmonious brand tone.

"This award is a form of appreciation and accuracy that so far we have succeeded in communicating the J&T Express brand as a brand that is young at heart, active and warm to the audience, especially our target market. Of course, this award will be our motivation to explore more in the future in brand activities that are carried out to build even more intense relationships and engagement with Gen Z.” said Herline Septia – Brand Manager of J&T Express.

Since it was first established in 2015, J&T Express has continued to target the productive and young generation as the target market and target audience as evidenced by the use of the latest technology in operational applications as well as supporting online business growth and entrepreneurship from a young age which is in line with Gen Z who is tech savvy and very close to the era of digitalization and e-commerce.

This can be seen from the various brand campaigns that J&T Express has run previously such as J&T Fashion Week, the J&T Youngpreneur campus to campus roadshow in a number of cities in Indonesia in 2018-2021 to the incubation program and the J&T Super Seller business competition held in 2021 which succeeded in attracting interest over 1,000 students who are Gen Z enrolled in this program.

With this award, it shows that the J&T Express delivery service brand is able to blend in with the community through positive activities and service development by prioritizing digitalization that can meet shipping needs for Indonesia.

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