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Innovating and Advancing Technology, J&T Express Wins Indonesia Digital Award Innovation Award

Jakarta, February 13, 2020 - As a company that promotes technology in its business operations, J&T Express won the Indonesia Digital Innovation 2020 award with the theme "Embracing Culture of Innovation Through Collaboration" as Recipient of the Innovative Company Award for Megahub and Automatic Sorting Machine Facilities organized by Warta Economic Research and Consulting.

The award received by J&T Express Key Account Manager, Mr. Iwan Senjaya at the awarding ceremony held at Thamrin - Central Jakarta on February 12, 2020 as a form of appreciation given by Warta Ekonomi to J&T Express as one of the companies in Indonesia that is able to produce the best innovation in terms of digital-based services so that they can survive and thrive amid fierce industrial competition.

As a fairly new player in its business, J&T Express is a competent company that competes in terms of various awards achieved in the last 3 years and innovations in supporting business operations such as automatic sorting machines that have been used since 2018 and can sort through to 108 destinations in one round with a capacity of sorting 30,000 packages per hour and the construction of a public transportation agency that will further support packet traffic that continues to grow significantly.

The Indonesia Digital Award Innovation 2020 award is a form of J&T Express's motivation to continue to provide the best service to customers by giving birth to leading-edge innovations that support operational performance, so that there is better efficiency and effectiveness.

"This appreciation is the driver of our motivation to continue to innovate, we hope that with this appreciation J&T Express always provides the best service to customers," said Iwan Senjaya.

In determining the company with the best digital innovation in Indonesia, the research team from Warta Ekonomi assesses that J&T Express meets the assessment criteria such as digital innovations carried out over the past year, the benefits of digital innovations undertaken, the benefits of digital innovations for companies and the benefits of digital innovations for consumers and other external parties.

It is hoped that this award will not only serve as a form of appreciation and encourage J&T Express and other companies that have successfully received other awards to continue to develop and innovate, but also to encourage other companies to continue to innovate and benefit external parties.

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