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Tighten the Delivery Foundation, J&T Express Focuses on Service Development

J&T Express seeks to strengthen its reliable core business in the field of Express delivery logistics to be able to adapt to the dynamic growth of the e-commerce business. As a global-scale shipping service company, J&T Express continues to expand its reach and innovation in services to customers to maximize delivery services to all regions of Indonesia, including the EZ service for regular shipments which still dominates this year's shipments, including J&T ECO for faster delivery services. economical, as well as strengthening the new J&T Super service which provides premium services with a fast and precise service level agreement (SLA) that is available in 30 cities in Indonesia, J&T International Standard Express for overseas shipments. The varied choice of services aims to encourage increased delivery in the future.

CEO of J&T Express Indonesia, Robin Lo, said that J&T Express prioritizes efficiency and sustainability. “Current shipments are still running until the end of the year, and are growing by around 40% compared to the previous year. We maximize the provision of services with good SLA and efficient delivery, not only during peak season but also delivery during normal times, because service is the main foundation that needs to be strengthened to become the basis for healthy and sustainable growth", said Robin.

The commitment to improve delivery efficiency in providing 365-day operational services is a priority so that the delivery process is in accordance with the specified SLA. J&T Express maintains the advantages of automatic sorting machines with very effective sorting capabilities of up to 30 thousand packages per hour. Equipped with conveyor transmission system equipment which is significantly divided per mode of transportation for delivery of package routes outside the island (via air), internal package routes for Java Island, package routes for the Greater Jakarta area, and package routes for Bodetabek, supported by a Regulated Agent (RA) facility for operations which is more optimal.

Now there are more than 2,500 operational fleets, have more than 47,000 trained human resources, have more than 4,600 operating points, and have more than 70 distribution centers / gateways spread across Indonesia. During the 7 years of growth, J&T Express has won various awards including the TOP Brand Award, Go Asean Award and Most Creative Company, Millenials Top Brand and WOW Brand, Indonesia's Most Engage Delivery Service Brand, Marketeers Youth's Choice Brand of The Year and Marketeers Editor's Choice Award and Mindful Company Award at the end of 2022.

J&T Express continues to develop delivery services and actively explores opportunities in emerging markets as part of its future global strategy. Expanding its wings by expanding to several countries, until now the J&T Express network reaches 13 countries, namely Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, China, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil and Egypt.

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