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J&T Express Appreciates the Work Enthusiasm of a Courier whose Motorcycle Burned While Working

Circulating a video of a courier motorbike burning on the street went viral on social media. In the video upload, one can see a courier or commonly called the J&T Express sprinter experiencing the misfortune that during the peak shipping season during Ramadan, the motorbike used for work was completely burnt. However, the sprinter still didn't give up and immediately called his co-workers and asked for help to pick him up and his package. On that very day, the J&T Express Bengkulu sprinter managed to send all the packages he brought.

J&T Express appreciates the sprinter's persistence and enthusiasm in carrying out his duties. CEO of J&T Express, Robin Lo, said this incident was inspiring to see the strong determination and responsibility for the mandate being carried out. "This is very inspiring, we know that there is an employee who experiences a disaster while delivering a package, shipments are high, but he is still able to finish his job. so we appreciate by awarding motorbikes as a form of gratitude and can restore enthusiasm to work," he said.

This is Wisnu Rizki Pangestu Putra (27), a J&T Express sprinter for the Arga Makmur area, Bengkulu, who received 1 unit of motorbike as a company appreciation to the best employees through the #BerkahKurirJNT program. This appreciation was handed over directly by Lika Puspita as General Manager of J&T Express Bengkulu and Mahatrywan Fhony representing the J&T Express Bengkulu branch to Wisnu on April 13 2023 at the J&T Express Drop Point Arga Makmur. At the same time, the motorbike was immediately climbed by Wisnu with great gratitude.

For the past 1 years, Wisnu has always completed his deliveries on time on normal days. In a day, he is able to deliver 130 to 200 packages. But unluckily, some time ago when he was delivering packages from Padang Jaya to Giri Mulya, suddenly there was a short circuit on the motorbike he was driving and a spark was seen that had grabbed the tank of the motorbike until burnt.

"At that time, in the middle of the road, I saw sparks from my motorbike, and this could affect the package I was carrying, but I didn't want to give up. How can the customer's package be saved and I can also be safe," concluded Wisnu. "Thank you to J&T Express for the appreciation given from the #BerkahKurirJNT program, I hope this vehicle can facilitate my work and be useful for me and my family," he continued.

The noble task of a sprinter should be appreciated considering the hectic needs of the community for online transactions. Shipping traffic during the peak season of Ramadhan this year is increasing in line with the growth of the e-commerce business, J&T Express shipments are mostly dominated by the Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya areas with the majority of fashion, electronic and beauty products with an estimated increase of up to 40-50 % compared to last year's Ramadan.

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