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Invite Orphans, J&T Express Holds Activities Towards the 3rd Anniversary and 2018 Asian Games

J&T Express as an express delivery service company in Indonesia, which will enter its 3rd anniversary on August 20, 2018, will invite a number of orphans from the Nurul Iman Jafariah Orphanage to visit the J&T Express Indonesia headquarters to share happiness and joy. By carrying out the theme of 3 years Growing for Indonesia, J&T Express invites orphans to color the 2018 Asian Games mascot on shirts that can foster children's creativity to instill awareness to children in the upcoming 2018 Asian Games.

The activity which was held in the auditorium of the J&T Express office library was opened with various activities ranging from singing dancing together, watching short films together, to games that train general knowledge and train children's motor skills. The event which lasted for 3 hours was greeted with great cheerful children throughout the event.

"We are very pleased to celebrate this 3rd anniversary together with orphans from the Nurul Iman Jafariah Orphanage. We hope that this activity can bring joy to children, and the assistance we provide can be beneficial for the operations of the orphanage, "said Rachel Liu, Brand Manager of J&T Express." Not only does it hold interesting activities for children, we also invite children to be more get to know the 2018 Asian Games mascot with coloring activities on t-shirts which can then each be brought home ".

The activity was closed with a lunch and giving compensation to each child and donations for the operation of the Nurul Iman Jafariah Orphanage.

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