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J&T Express Prepares Ripe To Anticipate High Shipping in Ramadan

Entering the month of Ramadan, there was a sharp increase in online sales transactions, as quoted from Criteo's commercial marketing technology company data, an increase in sales by 24-25% during Ramadan compared to the previous month. J&T Express as an express delivery service company that focuses on e-commerce business in Indonesia certainly has a significant shipping impact. To anticipate the explosion of package delivery, J&T Express is doing some preparations so that the delivery in the month of Ramadan can still run well by adding up to 35% of human resources.

During the 1.5 months before entering the month of Ramadan, Robin Lo as CEO of J&T Express went directly to the field to check the preparations made by each branch in Indonesia to anticipate the number of package shipments. "The month of Ramadan is one of the great momentum for our customers, many transactions are carried out to meet the needs of running fasting to welcome the Eid. We are trying to prepare shipments this month as best we can, because each shipment will affect many parties not only to customers, but also to J&T Express e-commerce platform partners, so it is important for us to ensure that all shipments are well distributed, "said Robin Lo.

In addition, J&T Express also adds operational fleets to accelerate the distribution of packages to customers, adding other supporting tools such as stock waybills, adding CCTV and idata scanners (packet scanning tools). For some regions, the Standard Operation Procedure is also checked which has not been running well, the use of semi auto sorting machines is also a mainstay this month where the J&T Express sorting machine can process 950,000 packages per day. In addition it is also possible to adjust the route in big cities if there is a peak of the homecoming flow later which will affect the package delivery route.

J&T Express shipments which currently reaches 500 thousand packages per day are targeting shipments that are quite high from the previous year. "If in Ramadan last year we sent 250 thousand packages per day, this year we are targeting to be able to send 1 million packages," Robin added. With these preparations, J&T Express is ready to serve customers in the month of Ramadan without changing operating time, which is 365 days without holidays.

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