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Supporting the E-commerce Market in Indonesia, J&T Express Participates in the Indo E-commerce Conference

J&T Express as an Indonesian express shipping company participated in the 2018 Indonesian E-commerce Conference held by PT Shan Hai Map as a platform that helps foreign companies to expand overseas especially in the Southeast Asian market at the Hotel Borobudur - Jakarta. The event was attended by various companies engaged in the logistics industry such as J&T Express, payment gateways, e-commerce, CCTV solutions and so on.

At this event, J&T Express as the main sponsor gave a presentation at a business meeting session that explained how the role of logistics in Indonesia in assisting the growth of E-commerce brought by Mr. Iwan Senjaya as Key Account Manager for J&T Express. The event which was held since 8 o'clock in the morning was also filled with several presentations delivered by several other companies such as Mataharimall, Blibli, JD.ID, Jet commerce, Yunlu, Indo Network, and so forth. The event was also attended by various Indonesian and foreign businessmen and companies who needed information on solutions to expand their business market share, especially in this e-commerce era.

"We see that by participating in this event we can share knowledge with other companies about the role of logistics in the current e-commerce era. As a local company we also see the great potential of cooperation with other Asian countries for the development of e-commerce business in Indonesia. This is also in line with our slogan, Express Your Online Business, which supports online seller business in Indonesia. If the development of an online business in Indonesia develops, it is also necessary to support delivery services, "said Iwan Senjaya.

Not only giving a presentation on the role of Indonesian logistics in the e-commerce industry, J&T Express also participated by opening a booth as an information center where participants who attend can find out more detailed information about the services provided by J&T Express today.

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