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J&T Cargo is Ready to Serve Large Package Delivery in Indonesia

Jakarta, 20 August 2021 – Successfully operating in the express delivery and entering its sixth year serving customer needs, J&T Group officially launched the development of a new company, namely J&T Cargo. Focusing on shipping packages with large sizes and volumes, J&T Cargo will reach to all regions in Indonesia. Carrying the tagline “Paket Besar, Cari J&T Cargo”, this service provides fast and efficient types of cargo delivery with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with an estimated delivery time of 1-3 days.

"The demand for the cargo market in Indonesia continues to increase, one of which is triggered by the increase in business players and users of e-commerce transactions, efficient delivery is an important factor, especially cargo shipping with heavy and large volumes, we are currently presenting our first service, FastTrack with shipping SLA that can support those needs. We hope that the presence of J&T Cargo can be welcomed by the community and can become a customer preference,” said Jonathan Zhong, CEO of J&T Cargo.

J&T Cargo puts forward smart logistics with the JFS System application that mobilizes 1,000 developers in its operations, this system is able to integrate and manage all packages online that can support SLA achievements and real time tracking. The presence of J&T Cargo is planned to be able to support the needs of large quantities of shipments, and targeting factory manufacturers and e-commerce with large capacities.

Along with the increasing demand for J&T Express shipments, one of which is the volume of aircraft cargo logistics transportation which has increased since the pandemic, this shows that the logistics movement continues to grow, especially amid the current pandemic conditions. CEO of J&T Express, Robin Lo, said that cargo delivery is expected to become a new mainstay for Indonesian cargo shipping users. "With a commitment to become a shipping service that increases efficiency, the presence of J&T Cargo can complement the needs of logistics delivery with greater weight and volume," he said.

Easy transaction is also a facility provided by J&T Cargo, with an ordering system that can be accessed offline and online through the website, application, hotline and customer system, which can also be directly accessed through the available drop service outlets. Special VIP customers will get a warehouse service feature with the advantage of product storage space before being delivered by J&T Cargo. In addition, J&T Cargo targets the B2B and opens opportunities for the community for partnership in accordance with applicable terms and conditions. This opportunity is not only useful but also supports a wider range of deliveries in the future.

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