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Commemorating International Disability Day, J&T Express Holds a Visit to Jakarta Aquarium with YPAC

J&T Express as an Indonesian express delivery service company invites children from the Foundation for the Development of Disabled Children (YPAC) - Jakarta to visit the Jakarta Aquarium - Neo Soho Mall in commemoration of International Disability Day which was ratified by the United Nations in the year of the United Nations 1992. This activity was carried out as a form of J&T Express's concern to provide fun and entertainment for children with disabilities who are members of YPAC Jakarta.

Reporting from unicef.org, children with disabilities must be able to get support from families, organizations with disabilities, parental associations and community groups. So from J&T Express as part of a community group contributing to provide support to children with disabilities by organizing this educational tour.

The activity which lasted for approximately 2 hours was not only in the form of touring at the Jakarta Aquarium, but children were also given knowledge and information about more than 600 marine biota in that place. Besides that, children are also offered entertainment in the form of mermaid shows and games with attractive prizes. The enthusiasm of the children was seen when attending the whole series of events.

"Sometimes people with disabilities are not given enough attention in the life of adultery, so we hope that this activity can give happiness to children with disabilities who are members of YPAC Jakarta. With their physical limitations and their parents' busy schedule, we want to provide a friendly travel experience for people with disabilities and also be interesting for them, "said Rachel, Brand Manager of J&T Express.

On this occasion J&T Express also provided gift parcels for each child and made a financial donation to the Disabled Child Development Foundation (YPAC Jakarta).

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