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Announcement of the Mascot Design Competition

Dear J&T Express customers and all participants of the mascot design competition,

Thank you for participating in the mascot design activity held in December 2017.

The management of J&T Express highly appreciates all the input from all participants regarding the announcement of the mascot design, regarding the following announcement of the winners there are a number of things we will say:

  1. J&T Express management has received, and studied all designs from participants throughout Indonesia

  2. Management has sorted out several participants who have design components according to the criteria, but after being submitted to top management, we are very sorry to announce that until now there has not been a mascot that can represent the philosophy and vision and mission of J&T Express.

  3. J&T Express is reluctant to announce that the mascot competition must end and will await further management decisions about the mascot for J&T Express. It is hoped that all parties can accept this decision wisely.

  4. J&T Express Management announced 5 favorite winners *, the mascot shipping period December 2017-January 2018, namely:

  • Rio Kaloka

  • Supriyanto

  • Anggoro Adhi Nugroho

  • Hendy Setiawan

  • Sri Sadono Endra Saputra

Each favorite winner will get cash of Rp. 1000,000 and 1 OPPO F5, each winner will be contacted by J&T Express via [email protected].

5.  This decision is made wisely and in accordance with management agreement, and cannot be contested

6. J&T Express highly appreciates all the work that has been sent and we can ensure the secure ownership rights of the participants' work. We apologize for the changes.

Please be careful of frauds named PT Global Jet Express or J&T Express, because J&T Express never charges any fees in this competition, the winner will be contacted directly by the committee.

Thus this announcement is made, hopefully can provide the information needed.

Thank you for your attention

J&T Express Management

 * Favorite winner: participant who has almost several components according to the judges' criteria, but has not yet been able to win the chosen design.

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