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J&T Express Collaborates with Kompasiana in a Writing Competition

Writing is one of the soft skills that is both fun and quite challenging. Not only does a theme need to be decided but the use of the sentences used, the point of view and language style used must be easy to understand and catchy to the reader. Together with Kompasiana, J&T Express invites writers to compete in writing with the theme "Logistics in the digital era 4.0" which will take place from 25 November 2019 to 24 December 2019.

This writing competition was officially announced at the 2019 Kompasianival event held at Onebel park - Jakarta, which was attended by Kompasier and various communities who are members of Kompasiana throughout Indonesia. The event which was attended by 1,000 participants took place on November 23, 2019.

The activity was held by J&T Express as a form of training and appreciation of one of the skills possessed by various groups, especially the Kompasiana writing community. The theme in this competition cannot be separated from the era of digitalization that is happening right now to affect every sector of the existing business industry, including in the logistics market.

Let's share experiences, reviews or interesting opinions about the theme, join the competition, and get a prize of 1 unit of Macbook Pro or cash worth 20 million and total cash worth 18 million Rupiah. Check out the terms and conditions of this competition in the link http://bit.ly/kompetisiblogjnt .

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