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Realize Professional Standards, More Than 5000 Sprinter Passed National Training

Last February 2018 the J&T Express Training team gave certification to more than 5000 Sprinters with the title Professional Sprinters, this program is a form of training that must be followed by every Sprinters J&T Express throughout Indonesia. The purpose of this training is to provide a standard of understanding and mastery of SOP, and to improve service to customers.

Held every year, this certification will be held routinely for Sprinters who just joined J&T Express. Sprinter who has passed the certification will continue to review its development. "This certification will continue to be carried out annually for new Sprinters or those who have not taken the national standard exams, who have not passed the remedial, and we hope to be able to improve themselves soon and continue learning to become professional Sprinters," said Agustian, J&T Express Training Manager.

Meanwhile, Febryanto, Bekasi branch sprinter revealed his impression after becoming a professional sprinter. "I am happy to take part in this training, because with this exam I will know the extent of my understanding and work ability, if it meets the standards I am more confident in meeting customers and doing daily tasks" he said.

Training programs held throughout Indonesia reached 84% graduation rates. The material being tested includes the mastery of theory and practice. By training Sprinters to become professionals, it is hoped that J&T Express customers throughout Indonesia can get services that meet the standards evenly.

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