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Distribution of Masks for Victims of the Impact of Mount Agung Volcanic Ash

The eruption that occurred in Gunung Agung, Karang Asem Regency had an impact that could disrupt the health of Balinese citizens due to volcanic ash. J&T Express showed its concern by distributing more than 12,000 masks to residents who sought refuge in refugee camps, especially refugee camps in Karangasem district, Denpasar - Bali.

"The condition of volcanic ash from the eruption of Mount Agung is very worrying and endangering the health of residents. Therefore, we distribute masks to the refugees in the hope of minimizing the occurrence of acute respiratory infections caused by volcanic ash, ”said Ms. Elysa as Assistant Manager of J&T Express, Bali branch. "We are very happy to be able to help the residents at this refugee camp and hope that no one will suffer respiratory infections." the lid.

The distribution of masks carried out by J&T Express was distributed at several points in Karangasem regency and was warmly welcomed by the management of the post as well as the refugees both adults and children who were in the evacuation post and Gunung Agung disaster relief post.

The 10 evacuation posts and Karangasem aid visited by the Bali branch J&T Express team are Puri Boga 3 Post, Yadnya Market Post Menanga Village, 1 Rendang Post, Nongan Post, Menagah 1 Post, Swecaputra Post, Banjar Tangkas Post, Banjar Pelantik Post Mamoran, Banjar Post Post Inauguration of Karibatu and Tanah Ampo Port aid posts.

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