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Expand Network in Latin America, J&T Express Continues Expansion to Brazil

J&T Express as a global shipping service company, has again expanded its global shipping network in the Latin American market, which was officially launched on May 24, 2022, by continuing its expansion to Brazil. Taking place in São Paulo, this launch is a big step for J&T Express to explore markets in one of Latin America's largest economies.

“The expansion in Brazil is our step in exploring opportunities in emerging markets, as part of our global strategy going forward to be able to connect internationally with greater network efficiency. The presence of J&T Express Brazil, is expected to strengthen services for the global market and bring logistical benefits to all,” said Robin Lo, CEO of J&T Express Indonesia.

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world by area and is also the largest economy in Latin America with the largest and most developed e-commerce market in the region. According to The Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm), in 2021, e-commerce sales in Brazil  grew 74% compared to 2019. The fast-growing e-commerce market presents significant opportunities for the express logistics industry. In this expansion, J&T Express has built its distribution network covering all 26 states and one federal district throughout Brazil.

Andy Wang, CEO of J&T Express Brazil, said "Compared to countries and regions with well-established e-commerce and logistics businesses, the Brazilian market is growing rapidly with great potential for further growth. We believe J&T Express is well positioned to capitalize on its determination and its ability to develop local operations to build an enhanced service network in Brazil and provide efficient, convenient and quality logistics experiences to local customers. Meanwhile, we also partnered with J&T International to provide cross-border services for e-commerce players, which mainly includes customs clearance, overseas warehousing and long-distance shipping."

This network expansion in developing countries is a testament to the seriousness of J&T Express as an international standard shipping service company that continues to experience business growth from year to year since it was first established in 2015. To date, the J&T Express network has reached 12 countries including Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Brazil, and serves more than 2 billion people.

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