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Encouraging Inclusive Economic Progress, J&T Express Together with the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs Launches a Business Development Program for SMEs with Disabilities

J&T Express, the leading delivery service company in Indonesia, has once again demonstrated its commitment to supporting the growth and development of SME business players in Indonesia. In an effort to realize its support, J&T Express, supported by the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, is holding disability empowerment activities entitled "Deliver Possibilities", a program which includes business development training and competitions with entrepreneurial assistance totaling 150 million rupiah.

This program was held as part of J&T Express' commitment to the advancement of SMEs that contribute to an inclusive economy in Indonesia. "If previously we had provided support to student businesses and Gen Z, currently we see that the SME sector with disabilities still needs attention. Through this program we hope to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs with disabilities to grow, as well as contribute to inclusive economic progress," said Herline Septia , Brand Manager J&T Express.

Based on data from the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs contribute to the country's Gross Domestic Product by 61.07% and can collect up to 60.42% of total investment in Indonesia. The same data states that SMEs are able to absorb 97% of the total workforce. This figure provides great hope for MSME players, including disabled groups, to be able to get involved in becoming active business actors who have the potential to continue to develop through innovation and increasing their own capacity. The Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs said that SMEs with disabilities have potential that can be developed by providing space and opportunities to increase their capacity through training and business development, so that they can become strong, innovative and sustainable entrepreneurs.

The Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs provides full support for the positive activities carried out by J&T Express. In its efforts to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs with disabilities to compete in a wider market, the Ministry of Cooperatives-UKM hopes that participants who take part in this program can achieve optimal benefits and can adapt to digital technology. This will ensure that MSMEs with disabilities are still able to become superior and sustainable business actors in an increasingly digital era.

Angkie Yudistia, as the President's Special Staff for Social Affairs also provided support for this initiative program, "I really appreciate the existence of MSME development activities that involve disabilities. This is a good step to open equal opportunities for friends with disabilities in Indonesia, enabling them to compete and shows extraordinary quality," she said.

It is targeted that approximately 100 preneurs with disabilities will be selected to take part in exclusive business development training which will be delivered by business professionals who are experts in their fields. The training theme in this program is Marketing Digitalization. Quoting the MSME Empowerment report 2022, in general 70.2% of SME owners experience problems in marketing their products. The next problem is related to access to capital, fulfillment or supply of raw materials, and digital adoption. The presence of digitalization for SMEs brings many opportunities to dominate the domestic market, apart from that digitalization can help SMEs open new markets & customers and increase the stability and sustainability of their business.

The training will be held one week in a hybrid manner, covering various themes, namely; product marketing, technology adaptation, content and visual design, digital advertising, maximizing marketing features, introduction to the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, introduction to basic logistics, and financial management. During the training period, participants will also have the opportunity to participate in interactive quizzes and discussions. Participants can send business proposals along with projected needs for future business development. The 20 participants with the highest scores will be selected for the opportunity to present their business in front of the jury and win entrepreneurial assistance from J&T Express.

All preneur disabled participants can take part in this training for free. The registration period for the "Deliver Possibilities" program will be open from 6-20 October 2023. Terms and conditions and online forms can be accessed at www.jet.co.id 

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