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Celebrate Christmas with the Elderly, J&T Express Gives Joy

Welcoming the coming Christmas season, J&T Express as an Indonesian express delivery service celebrated this moment by visiting 35 elderly people at the Melania Nursing Home - Rempoa, South Tangerang. In this 2-hour activity, J&T Express is here to entertain and give joy to the elderly who spend their daily lives in this nursing home.

Together with 35 elderly people aged 67 years to 101 years, J&T Express performs a variety of interesting activities such as singing together, dancing together and games that are certainly adjusted to the interests of interest to the ability of the elderly such as dressing J&T Express employees. In this social activity, J&T Express also cooperates with Y.O.U makeup which provides a makeup demonstration that is suitable for the elderly at Christmas. Y.O.U makeup also provides cosmetic equipment to the elderly at the nursing home.

"This Christmas, J&T Express wants to give a different nuance to visiting the nursing home to give joy to the seniors who are here. We hope this activity can create a lively and pleasant atmosphere that can drive away the loneliness they feel. "Said Rachel, J&T Express Brand Manager.

Not just a fun activity, J&T Express also provides donations in the form of groceries and gifts of personal needs that can be used by the elderly as well as lunch activities accompanied by a little more intimate hospitality with each elderly to create a sense of family.

In addition to visiting Werdha Nursing Homes, J&T Express throughout Indonesia will also distribute Christmas candy sticks to J&T Express customers who deliver goods either by package drop off or package pick up on December 24-25, 2018 as a form of appreciation and to enliven the Christmas celebration .

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