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Supporting The Creativity Of The Work In The Music Industry, J&T Express Presents Opportunities For Music Lovers #NontonWestlifeBarengJNT

Irish vocal group, Westlife, welcomed Indonesian fans by bringing a number of the best songs that everyone knows at the big concert earlier this year. Officially became the official support of Westlife The Wild Dreams Tour 2023 Jakarta, J&T Express as a global scale delivery service, actively supports creativity in work including in the music industry and opens opportunities for the public to participate in the Bung Karno Madya Stadium, Jakarta.

"We are here to support this international music concert that reflects the J&T Express brand as a shipping service that has expanded networks in 13 countries, including Southeast Asia, China, UAE, and Latin America. This opportunity is a refresher for audiences throughout Indonesia for J&T delivery Express is able to reach the islands and similar to Westlife music where all circles can find out and enjoy songs including young and active generation, said Herline Spertia, J&T Express Brand Manager.

Various interactive content has been held exclusively on the official Instagram social media @jntexpressid to be able to win as many as 5 free Westlife concert tickets ahead of the Valentine moment and given to lucky fans and customers, following the information details can be accessed through the official website of J&T Express www.jet .Co. Identification. Besides being able to enjoy a free concert, the winners also have the opportunity to take part in the game and photos available at the J&T Express booth, not only that, for visitors who come to fill the game and post the excitement on the personal Instagram of the account will have the opportunity to get the results a lucky draw.

Although this year has been restored in the Pandemic period, the winner of the concert ticket is expected to continue to wear a mask to maintain a sense of mutual comfort so that they can still enjoy #nontonwestlifeengjnt during the event. "In accordance with our commitment in implementing a health protocol, for that we hope that all can maintain comfort with each other," Herline added.

In addition to synergy with music works at Westlife The Wild Dreams Tour 2023 Jakarta J&T Express also supports economic and tourism growth, especially in the Capital City as the location of the event. Where Jakarta is one of the highest scope of J&T Express shipping every year, with an average delivery of more than 2.5 million packages per day.

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