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Meet Edi Sarwono: From Courier to Manager

Edi Sarwono is another inspiring employee who has dedicated himself to J&T Express. Edi shares that he has been working for J&T Express since October 2016. During this time, he has achieved numerous accomplishments due to his dedication, loyalty, and perseverance, which have led him to his current position as Area Manager for Pekalongan, Batang, and Pemalang.

Edi's journey at J&T Express began as a courier for about a year. “A neighbor who worked as an admin at J&T Express told me about a courier job opening. I applied, underwent three days of training, and got the job,” he recalls. As a courier, Edi received his first career achievement at J&T Express by being recognized as the best courier in his area.

A year later, Edi was promoted to supervisor. This role came with greater responsibilities, which he managed for about two years. Once again, Edi earned the title of best supervisor, thanks to his dedication and sincerity in handling every responsibility.

“Being the primary provider for my family motivates me to work diligently and adapt to any policy changes at the company,” Edi explains his resilience.

Edi's work ethic has garnered much praise. Known for his humility, friendliness, and supportive nature, Edi is well-liked by his colleagues across different divisions.

Edi has continued to achieve significant milestones, particularly in the areas he oversees. Within just three years, he was promoted to Area Manager, a role he has held for about two years. As an Area Manager, Edi is responsible for ensuring smooth operations and marketing activities.

According to his colleagues, Edi has made substantial improvements in the areas he manages, especially in monitoring and reporting. He also maintains excellent relationships with key customers in his area. Currently, Edi oversees around 1,000 employees and partners.

For Edi, time always moves forward, and change is inevitable. He believes that embracing positive change is essential to avoid being left behind. The decision to advance with beneficial changes or remain in a comfort zone and risk being left out is entirely in our hands. This message serves as Edi's daily motivation to live each day to the fullest.

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