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Enthusiastic spirit in Making Family Happy Ends Career Success

Riyansyah (27), joined the sprinter J&T Express in Central Jakarta since 2 years ago came from a simple family who motivated the man born in Bogor to try his fortune in the capital. Not giving up on finding work, Riyan who previously worked in one of the furniture warehouses in the West Jakarta area was very grateful and for her working as a sprinter was a gift.

He stated that he found something valuable while joining J&T Express. Starting from having a very solid and family-friendly team to many customers who are now close acquaintances. "In fact, they always greet me when they accidentally cross the street," Riyan said.

Riyan is also known as a person who is very diligent and diligent in carrying out his duties. He himself is very happy to work as a sprinter and he always ensures that the packages he is responsible for must be sent properly. "If there are obstacles experienced by the team, especially with the cash on delivery package, I will contact the customer first and ascertain whether the package wants to be accepted or not," said the man from Bogor who had won the 2018 best star sprinter.

In the midst of her busy life, Riyan always takes the time to contact her family who are still in Bogor. As a person who prioritizes family, Riyan always sets aside the salary he receives for family living expenses in his hometown every time he visits. Not only that, Riyan also helped with the cost of education for her two younger siblings who were still in junior high school.

Armed with enthusiasm to make her family happy, especially her two younger siblings who aspire to work as teachers, make Riyan love her work to successfully trace her career as the current Drop Center coordinator. Even though she is the Drop Center coordinator, Riyan remains determined to work with all her heart and provide benefits to her surroundings.

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