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Working Diligently, These Sprinters Buy Cars

Bandung, 2016 - It is human nature to work to meet the needs of his life, various types of work are a source of income including being a sprinter. This figure in December fell to Disya Oktora Rosadi, the sprinter who was assigned to the Cimahi Bandung drop point. Disya has been working since January 2015 at the J&T Express branch of the city of Bandung, her daily life is picking up and delivering packages to customers' homes.

Thanks to his diligence as a sprinter, Disya who was previously not even able to have a good cellphone can now feel the fruits of his hard work by buying a car. An achievement that is quite extraordinary and changed his life. "Yeah, I didn't have anything like a good cellphone, etc.," he said.

When asked what the key to his success in achieving a better life at the moment, Disya answered very simply, "The point is, don't give up and keep trying to get a new user, and create harmony with the online shop owner because for me they are a family". said Disya, who initially refused to be interviewed as an employee of the month because she felt she had not achieved something to be proud of.

For Disya to be a part of J&T Express is something to be proud of because it can be a part of growing and developing a shipping service that makes it easy for many people in Indonesia. The figure born in 1988 is really simple and inspires that all types of work enable us to achieve a better life with perseverance and hard work.

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