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Underestimated when delivering packages, this female courier shows her dedication and gets appreciation

Joining in April 2023, Dewi Susanti shows dedication and resilience in carrying out her duties as a female courier amidst various difficult conditions. Dewi does not deny that her job as a Kubang Drop Point courier for the Pekanbaru - Riau area is a big challenge for her. Starting from the scorching hot weather to the heavy rain that sometimes hits her in the middle of the journey, coupled with the traffic jams that she often experiences, everything is part of Dewi's daily struggle in delivering packages.

One of the challenges that Dewi has faced is the difficulty in finding the delivery address. Nevertheless, Dewi never gave up. He was willing to ask local residents to find the correct address. For him, all his efforts paid off when the package he delivered reached the customer. However, being a female courier is not an easy thing, especially in the area where Dewi works where female couriers are rarely seen. He often gets unpleasant comments and is even considered lowly by some people. However, Dewi remains patient and friendly in carrying out her duties.

Dewi chose this job with the main aim of meeting her family's needs, especially raising her children. For him, there is no problem working in the field as long as he can work in a halal way. This is what motivates him not to give up in facing all challenges.

"Female sprinters are still very rare. Sometimes customers don't believe that I am a courier who has come to deliver a package, instead they think they are visiting," said Dewi, from one of her experiences.

Even though she often receives various comments, Dewi is still able to complete package deliveries every day. To overcome various challenges, he always maintains communication with his team and supports each other. He is grateful to have colleagues who are united and respect each other, so that the working atmosphere is comfortable for him.

Good work performance finally pays off. Dewi received appreciation as one of the best sprinters and was invited to Jakarta to receive the award. This achievement further convinces Dewi that her sincere and hard efforts will not betray the results, with hard work, sincerity and resilience, all challenges can be overcome. Her experience is an inspiration for many women to never give up in the face of all obstacles in achieving positive goals.

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