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Starting a Career From Part-Time Work to Becoming a Regional Manager

Working part time was Hasby Rizkyana Putra's first trace of joining J&T Express, even though it started part time, Hasby showed his ability to work as a sprinter in the Tanjungsari area, Sumedang, West Java. At that time, he immediately faced the peak season of Ramadan in 2020, without lingering, he completed all his tasks by sending up to more than 300 packages per day. Unexpectedly, after the moment of Ramadhan until Eid was over, Hasby was accepted to continue working and he took this opportunity even though he had not memorized the route there, with the sincere intention of working to earn a living he slowly learned according to the existing procedures. He made a minimum target of 100 awb/day to be sent for better results, and successfully completed the start of the delivery of only 2 sub-districts covering 6 villages, increasing to 3 sub-districts with approximately 33 villages.

By setting targets that maximize his work performance, a year later Hasby was entrusted with becoming the Coordinator for the Jatinangor coverage area, because a number of old employees there had transferred areas, it was a new challenge for him to take on and try to build a team of admins and sprinters for all coverage areas there independently . The ups and downs in forming the team did not stop him from trying, he even experienced a decline in the first 2 months, and was slowly improved until he was back to normal and managed to become one of the best in Sumedang at that time.

Entering the first quarter of 2022, Hasby was asked for managerial and audit assistance in several areas of Sumedang because there were system improvements and vacant employee positions, resulting in a decrease in performance in that area and he had to hold 2 different areas to run. It turned out that the operational conditions at that time were enough to drain his energy to be able to return things to normal, he even experienced complaints from customers regarding standard packing, return packages and miss routes due to a lack of good team communication and education. damaged shipments and not promptly resolved. The successive obstacles that took turns made him get a letter of reprimand as the person in charge of the area at that time.

Not wanting to get lost in the slump, Hasby is trying to improve, starting with a team work system, to find the root cause of the many miscommunications. All improvements are made based on standard operating procedures (SOP) that are implemented, so that the same mistakes do not happen again, hold briefings every week to improve work systems and open up opportunities for discussion to become part of a cohesiveness strategy in the team, including if there are obstacles or problems. obstacles regarding each jobdesk. This strategy also yielded good results, errors started to be minimal and operational turnover returned to normal.

The tough test he went through at that time became a valuable lesson for him in his career at J&T Express. Hasby then took part in the SOP test for work improvement, where an audit was held by the Quality Control section in his work area, after going through several assessment stages in March 2023 he was selected as one of the Regional Managers (RM) for the West Java region, and armed with his best work performance he entrusted with a new assignment as RM Network Management J&T Express Bandung. "Stay focused on SOPs and SLAs so that operations run well, and monitoring all teams as the key to maintaining good communication," said Hasby.

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