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Doing Good Deeds with Others Does Not Limit Taufiq's Performance in Delivering Packages

Having joined J&T Express since September 2019, Taufiq Hidayat (24) chose to work as a sprinter rather than continuing his parents' successful food stall business because of his desire to be independent. Armed with his friendliness, Taufiq applied to be a sprinter after a friend he knew from a coffee shop recommended the job vacancy to him, and he later became his current colleague.

Working as a drop center sprinter in Arjuno, Surabaya, Taufiq generally delivers up to 100 packages per day, but it is different during the peak season such as Ramadan which has just ended, he can deliver up to 200 packages per day. Without complaining about the hot weather he faced during Ramadan fasting and the closure of lanes in several destinations due to the implementation of large-scale social restriction, Taufiq continued to work well, he even wanted to help couriers from different companies who walked long distances to deliver packages.

"I feel bad because the roads in the area are closed so he has walked a long way because he is not familiar with other routes. When I met him, I asked where he was going, so I walked him there. Incidentally, the target area is where my customers are as well and at that time almost all my packages have been delivered. " said Taufiq.

Taufiq admitted that during his job as a sprinter, he had more good experiences. He can meet with various customers and is also treated very well in his work environment so he does not feel excessive fatigue, especially during Ramadhan. "The heat and fatigue are reasonable because all work is the same. Sometimes when I deliver packages, I am also given food by customers, " explained the man who dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

Customers often praised and appreciated Taufiq, and even uploaded to social media, due to the spirit and kindness he instilled in himself. Not infrequently, Taufiq receives appreciation from those around him both his family and work environment. He succeeded in making his parents proud of the attitude he had and applied in the working world.

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