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Carefully Checking for Suspicious Packages, This Drop Point Admin Staff Successfully Stopped the Delivery of Forbidden Goods

Maya Ayu Mukti (24) joined J&T Express Bengkulu in September 2019, and was known as a slow person from the results of the initial admin training she took. Even though she got low score in her training when she was placed in Ketahun drop point as an admin staff, she reviewed what was taught in the training so that she could master it perfectly, because she was the only admin staff at the drop point at that time. In the beginning, she sometimes made mistakes, but Maya was always responsible for her mistakes and never considered it as a stumbling block to be better.

Of course, being an employee in the field requires a lot of social interaction, Maya often encounters various experiences as an admin staff, both pleasant and unpleasant. One of the unforgettable events was when she ran the SOP for checking the package to be delivered. When she received a package from a customer, she was already suspicious because the customer's movements were not normal, especially when she asked about the contents of the package, “I was suspicious when he said it contained spare parts because it weighed only 0.08 kg. So I opened the package under the CCTV with a colleague and saw that it was dry leaves. Finally, I contacted the local police and it was discovered that it was marijuana,” said Maya.

In addition to these stressful events, Maya has also met customers who made her feel empathetic. “There was once a mother who wanted to send a package of tempeh chilli sauce to her child, but when she asked about the delivery fee, her mother was surprised and spent a dime to pay for the delivery fee. I felt empathetic and took the initiative to pay for the delivery fee because I also understand the feeling of living away from my parents and the taste mother’s cooking is really different,” recalls Maya.

While working at J&T Express, Maya admitted that she met several customers who treated her with an arrogant attitude, but she tried to give in and sacrificed in order to maintain her dignity and the job she enjoys. She even voluntarily spent her personal money in order to cover the cost of COD customers. For her, life must progress and not make it an obstacle.

All of Maya's sacrifices and dedication to work were not in vain, she is trusted to be the coordinator of the Ketahun DP admin and currently handles 8 sprinters. Maya admitted that she was able to invest with land loans since she worked at J&T Express. "Let the results of my work be visible," she said.

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