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Loyalty Makes Fatra Give Maximum Results

Sprinters, the J&T Express courier whose duty is to deliver and pick up customer packages, is an important role in shipping services. Not only have to deal with weather that is sometimes unfriendly, but sometimes inadequate road conditions. This is also the case with Fatra, the sprinter of J&T Express, the Manado branch that has assumed this profession since August 2016.

Working as a sprinter for almost 3 years made Fatra very much in love with her work. He has a motto "if you expect a job but work without loving the job it will quickly get bored". With her love for her work, Fatra has never felt grief at her job, even this 28-year-old man said "Grieving even after work hours are over if there is a customer asking for a pickup yes I still pick up and for me to work anywhere if we love the work yes there is no sorrow ".

With this diligence in working Fatra can install a car when he worked as a sprinter in his second year. This car he uses in addition to recreation with family, he often uses it to accompany his daily work. "With this car, it can help me be more efficient in picking up customer packages," Fatra said when asked about the car she bought.

Fatra is also known as a loyal and diligent sprinter among her colleagues. He always delivers packages to customers in the morning and picks up packages in the afternoon until the evening. Generally, the packages he pickups reach more than 1,000 packages per month. "In Manado the high delivery of packages from outside the city to the city of Manado, especially during peak season. But once I pickup packages up to 1,500 per month during normal times, "said Fatra.

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