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Bringing Useful Working Principles, Making Dewi More Steadfast in Carrying Out Her Work

Joining since 2017 as POP J&T Express Warehouse staff for the Palembang area, Dewi Stefanny never thought before that she would work for a Purchasing position at a shipping service company, what came to her mind at that time was any kind of work as long as she could earn her own income. Dewi runs a work routine starting from stock counting, packing, purchasing including moving large quantities of goods for the needs of each Drop Point.

Each job has different difficulties, including the task of purchasing, at that time it was filled by 2 women including Dewi. Limited manpower is a challenge to solve, such as ordering goods that come in large quantities and weight must be lifted by themselves for loading and unloading to the Drop Point (DP). Not infrequently he has to race against time when there is an urgent need for goods, he must be able to find a solution when the type of goods needed is not available at the subscription vendor or the nearest store.

Dewi believes that working is not only to look for materials, but that every job she does is beneficial to many people, so doing work is not a burden, even though looking for goods using a motorbike in hot weather, or it's raining on the street but she is still able to complete her tasks safely. good. A year later Dewi had the opportunity to serve in the personnel department as HRD staff for J&T Express Palembang, she faced many new challenges, from previously taking care of procurement of goods now handling employee data including dealing with other people during interviews and all administration related to employee work status while at work. head office and also during a visit to the DP area.

Another challenge experienced was when there were problems that required him to face government agencies such as the Manpower Office, the police and Immigration, he had to be able to become a liaison regarding employees, solid teamwork allowed him to continue learning to improve communication skills and others so that more added value could be given to others.

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