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From meeting her soul mate to being able to realize dreams, Ella continues to show achievements

Laila Dwi Rachmawati (29), who is familiarly called Ella, has joined J&T Express since September 2016 which was the first year J&T Express was established. Being placed at the Bringin - Semarang drop point as an admin from the start has made Ella still love her job until now. It didn't take long, in just 5 months Ella was appointed as admin supervisor of Droppoint Bringin SLT03 because of her discipline in work and quick to catch on in her work.

5 years working at J&T Express, Ella proved her performance by winning the Best Employee 2020 J&T Express Semarang award. Ella admitted that working at J&T Express made her learn many things, such as multitasking, not just serving customers but also handling cases at the same time, meeting many people with different attitudes and traits that made her personality more confident and more polite in communicating with people. other. In addition, the important lessons he learned were patience and speed of thinking in dealing with customer complaints. He admitted that he was greatly helped by his team who really cared for each other and were like family.

Not only that, Ella also admitted that she got a life partner who was also a J&T Express employee and had been married since 2020. Ella felt that working at J&T Express gave her a lot of experience and life lessons. He was able to help the family's economy and finance his sister's education and achieve the targets he wanted such as renovating a house and buying a motorcycle with his own personal money.

As an admin who is one of the frontliners, of course Ella has experienced various customer attitudes and characteristics. One of the experiences he experienced was when dealing with customers who brought police officers to drop points because customers did not understand the COD package system.

“The COD package was delivered by our sprinter, but the one who received and paid for the package was the customer's child. It turned out that after his father came home from work and opened the item ordered did not match and went straight to the drop point angrily and asked for the money back. Finally, I understand that if there is an error and the item is not suitable, you can contact the sender. The police also helped me calm the father and give him understanding. I directed the shopee account to request a return, I will inform you if within 5 working days the funds are not disbursed, you can contact me again and I am ready to replace the cod money." said Ella sharing her experience.

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