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Applying The System of Protecting And Determination, Successfully Brought Hoitami Developing a Drop Point

Starting from carrying out his duties as a sprinter J&T Express with the scope of sending the Bireuen region, Aceh, the spirit of Hoitami never went out, even though he had to pass through a road that was quite far and uneven, he passed without making a burden. Hoitami joined in 2017, at that time he had faced obstacles to deliver the package to the Bevak Village, with the motorbike he was driving had to pass through steep terrain in the KM 33 area and cross the overpass by only being passed by one motorbike, the area was quite remote and even the signal was almost almost almost a signal Nothing, so he took the initiative to find an address by asking the local residents.

In addition he also had a package with a size that was difficult to carry on a motorcycle, while at that time the drop point in his place did not have an operational car for delivery, he finally brought it using a motorized pedicab as an alternative operational vehicle. The people around the area of work can be said to still not know the J&T Express, here he feels there is a need for marketing increases in order to be more advanced. Slowly he introduced the Delivery of J&T Express to prospective customers while delivering the package. Hoitami is also known for his friendly person and always brings crisp, so it's no wonder that around many people know Hoitami.

As the backbone of the family, Hoitami is always grateful for whatever work he gets, as long as the halal job for him must be lived with enthusiasm. His dedication for approximately 1 year of work and good work performance, made him trusted to carry out a greater task as a supervisor of the Bireuen Regency. He had felt a little confused how to start this new responsibility, where the scope area was included in the area that was not yet developed. Hoitami also made some changes from guiding human resources to form a solid team, and try to get closer to customers, one of them always accommodates various customer complaints, and this is an interesting learning according to him, where with this he can try to understand the needs of customers and improve services.

Hoitami strengthened marketing in the area of his scope at that time, while together with the team trying to fix a better Perayana and socialize the delivery of J&T Express to the surrounding community. As a result, for this area the community is increasingly familiar with the delivery of J&T Express and shipping increases, from before only one drop point, now began to develop and increase up to 3 drop points for the coverage of several districts in the Bireuen region.

Successful maximizing his work apparently did not immediately make him relieved, to level up he was promoted to take the Regional Manager test and get the responsibility for the coverage of the middle area in Aceh. Unfortunately Hoitami had a motorcycle accident in the middle of carrying out his work and had a shoulder fracture. After treatment and health control actively slowly began to recover, but again he got the task to help the Lhokseumawe additional handel, although it was still not fully recovered, Hoitami tried to continue to focus on carrying an accurate work atmosphere and embracing his new team to achieve a result that best. With his hard work Hoitomi succeeded in developing a drop point in the scope area.

"Working in this position is a new thing that I explore, where we are that is the foundation that has a lot of knowledge, with a system of protecting and determination to the professional principles of work that I apply," said Hoitami.

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