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Fadli's Adventure in Delivering Mandate on Unusual Paths

Muhammad Fadli, is an employee who has joined J&T Express since March 2021, a hard worker who works as a courier or what is usually called a Tembilahan Drop point sprinter. Every package that comes in and is sorted is his responsibility, but unlike land delivery in general, he actually has to race against time to get across the island using a speedboat to the Panipahan Island area in Riau Province.

The main challenge he must be able to face is the erratic operating hours for speedboat departures on the island, resulting in problems with delivery of packages. In fact, he once had to deliver a package from the office to the port, a distance of approximately 8 - 12 km. To anticipate sufficient delivery time, Fadli made the delivery earlier in order to maximize delivery to the destination speedboat. Fadli's strategy becomes effective when there is a point determined by the customer, so he arranges a delivery time appointment with the customer so he can prioritize the package on the speedboat delivery route.

Among his activities in sending packages there is always a unique experience, the most memorable one he has experienced is when a customer gives more than the cash on delivery (COD) value, because they cannot always carry all the packages across the island, usually they have collaborated with the speedboat operator to entrust them. customer package, then the customer will deposit the COD costs through the officer. However, he also experienced something unpleasant when there was a customer who did not leave the COD costs with the officer, so that day he had to bear the shipping costs.

In a day he is able to send as many as 150 packages on normal days, even up to 350 packages during peak season. Of course, he always makes appointments to meet customers at a mutually determined place and time to streamline his travel route every day. According to him, changes in people's behavior in the area to online shopping have become a convenience for customers there, especially since deliveries can still arrive even if they have to cross the island.

"Before there was an online method, the majority of people would shop directly at markets in the city, and now it is easier for people because they can make deliveries directly to their destination without having to go to the city," concluded Fadli.

From everything he faced when carrying out his duties delivering customer packages, Fadli never felt burdened, because for him this job was not just delivering goods but a mandate that he had to complete until it reached the recipient. And everyone has the right to feel happiness even if they are at the end of the island.

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