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Winning Awards, Tofik Proves Limitations Are Not Obstacles

Having conditions that are not the same as those in general, does not make Tofik Bowo Santoso discouraged from carrying out his responsibilities. As a J&T Express Boyolali sprinter, Tofik has to take and deliver packages to customers every day, without complaining he runs it sincerely. With enthusiasm in carrying out their duties unexpectedly since joining J&T Express in March 2018 Tofik received an award as the best sprinter Boyolali shipment pick up.

It starts shipping about 70 packages per day, and continues to increase and can even send up to 135 packages per day. Tofik also once received an offer to take on greater responsibility, but at that time he was still not long in joining and still wanted to maximize his performance.

Reflecting on yourself is a reference for Tofik to pump up his enthusiasm for work. Moreover, he saw that other colleagues could carry out their duties properly, making him even more motivated to be able to do the same thing even better. Indeed, among his colleagues Tofik has different body conditions, but this is not a limit for him.

"Physical limitations are a reference for my passion, my principle, although I am a little different. I can't lose to the normal one. they can do it, why can't I, just just a physical difference and I can still do normal activities, "said Tofik.

This time he was moved for shipping in the Sawit District, namely the Palm Drop Drop Point, Boyolali. A new challenge for Tofik with a new area to go through, he carefully arranged packages that arrived from night and morning to be sent before 12 noon, then resumed delivery in the afternoon, no exception with a shipping address far enough and even up to 2- 3 hours drive.

A sincere work spirit motivates Tofik not to make it a burden, he also maximizes sending with the minimum amount of time possible, because from every delivery address there are only recipients who are not present. So after sending the last packet, he must take the time to rearrange the packages that have not been completed.

Tofik chose this profession not only to carry out his duties, but he took advantage to add insight, how to deal with different people, set strategies, and manage the right time. Besides getting a lot of information from many people he met and also became aware of logistics work.

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