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From Zero to Hero

From Zero to Hero, from just a messenger to a VIP operational supervisor, maybe that is a suitable parable for Mr Usman Sudrajat's (32) career. This man born in Pandeglang started his career as a messenger or delivery of letters and documents at the OPPO headquarters, South Jakarta. Since 2013 Mr. Usman has devoted himself wholeheartedly to the formation of J&T Express in 2015, Mr. Usman has been working as one of the sprinter / package senders at Season City drop points. Thanks to Mr. Usman's diligence in his work, Mr. Usman has now been appointed as a VIP operational supervisor in the VIP division or a division that handles large e-commerce customers at J&T Express.

 "Yes, you must be diligent, don't complain, if you are told to obey do not be annoyed, also do not forget to learn many new things," said Pak Usman when asked what tips to have a work spirit that takes us up the level at work. Now Pak Usman has economic improvements as well as better leadership experience. Leading many sprinters to be able to work according to the applicable procedures and ensure that all shipments run smoothly is not easy, but this is a new challenge that refers to Mr. Usman becoming a future leader.

Mr. Usman won the Best Employee 2016 at the OPPO J&T Express Annual Gathering held at Ancol Beach City on July 14. In addition to bringing home the award trophy, Mr. Usman also received Rp.10,000,000 in cash as an appreciation of his hard work and loyalty to the company. "There are no results that betray the business" JT Friends, if we work wholeheartedly and try to give our best