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Reaching 8 Thousand Package Delivery, Heri's Hard Work prize him a motorcycle

Every drop of sweat that falls from hard work will produce the best results. That was what happened to Heri Susanto. Operating as a J&T Express sprinter in the Bogor area, Heri is able to complete deliveries of up to more than 8 thousand packages a month, during peak season. This achievement raised him to be the best Sprinter in the last two years, unexpectedly Heri received a prize of a motorcycle, smartphone and an overseas vacation from the results of his hard work.

"From the beginning I only delivered 18 packages, up to now it can be 200 packages on average per day. Peak season delivery up to 8,300 packages. Thank God for two years of hard work, I got the title of the best sprinter of Bogor and was given the prize of a Mio m3 motorbike, Oppo cell phone, and a trip to Singapore ", said Heri Susanto gratefully.

Out of sincere intention Heri used to adapt to his work. Joined almost 3 years, not everything went smoothly, Heri also had a bad experience at the first time working because of lack of accuracy in package delivery. However, still responsible for the mistakes he made, especially confirming to his customers to apologize and resolve the problem that occurred.

Even though they have to experience material and time losses, but Heri makes mistakes a valuable experience to be better. Heri always provides maximum service for both pick up and package delivery. Heri has a principle that he should be able to be the spearhead of where he works, because with good service it will be trusted and customers feel comfortable.

Delivering and picking up packages with large numbers is not easy, it needs time management to arrange it. Every day there are two deliveries or called 2 Rit, all packets that come in Rit-1 are immediately brought and delivered to completion, so that when Rit-2 comes there is no packet buildup and is completed every day.

For package pickup, Heri always confirms to the customer the estimated time of arrival at the location, and takes the time to bring the package by delivery at the same location or in the same direction. So that not much time is wasted and more packages are delivered.

With this discipline, Heri's package delivery records have continued to increase to the highest level and have been awarded as the best Sprinter.

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