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Perseverance of Sprinters Brings Them The Gift Umrah

Delivering or picking up a package might sound easy, but it is different if it reaches 200 packages per day. Setting the distance between the destination address and timeliness is a challenge for sprinters, of course, must be prepared when the weather is less friendly. However, two J&T Express sprinters, Ruly Afriza (29), Drop Point (DP) delivery sprinters Cikoko and Faizal (30) Drop Point Pancoran pickup sprinters were able to do so and even won the 2018 J&T Express Best Employee of the Year award in the Jakarta branch.

Even though they have to face various obstacles, since joining in 2017 Ruly and Faizal have never been discouraged, even this has become a motivation to continue to improve their quality. Ruly's sense of responsibility flowed to the maximum.

Likewise Faizal, in a day, was tasked with picking up customer packages from the afternoon until 5 o'clock in the morning, and had to adjust his sleeping hours. "The toughest delivery task was during the national harbolation some time ago, I had to keep on gas and it was rather heavy with the number of packages at the time. But I am not alone, I am assisted by 1 admin and 6 other sprinters, "said Faizal.

As a token of appreciation for his hard work, Faizal was chosen to receive a gift for Umrah by the Jakarta branch of J&T Express. This was an extraordinary achievement for him to be able to go to the holy land. Besides that, Ruly also had the opportunity to choose the one prize she wanted, which was in the form of a pilgrimage or a scholarship for college.

Solid support from family and colleagues solidifies Ruly and Faizal's steps to continue doing their best. With perseverance and strengthened skills, the achievements achieved by Ruly and Faisal are also the happiness of J&T Express, who always supports and appreciates to be better.

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