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Deni Alfateha: The Backbone of J&T Express's Customer Support

Nearly eight years of receiving customer complaints, this has not dampened Deni Alfateha's enthusiasm as J&T Express Complaint Call Center Leader to continue to be sincere and focused on providing the best solution for every customer problem.

Deni is one of the meritorious employees who is at the forefront of handling various customer complaints ranging from delivery problems, insurance claims, mixed packages, packages that exceed the receipt deadline, and many other unforeseen problems that come every day.

Since joining J&T Express on June 1 2016, Deni has pursued his career by becoming an Inquiry Call Center Agent Staff. Before long, Deni was able to prove that he was worthy of being in the position of Staff Agent Call Center Complaints, and his performance has increasingly earned Deni the trust to become Leader Complaint Call Center since 2019 until now.

“Customer complaints occur every day and sometimes it makes you tired. However, I love this job and I do everything sincerely," said Deni.

When asked about the reason why he was able to persevere, he stated that the team was the key, "even though I'm tired, I can't even get tired and discouraged because when I see the team, they all work with all their heart. "That's what drives me to be more enthusiastic and their presence is like a second family to me," said Deni.

Every day, Deni organizes his team to handle complaints from three sources, namely the Call Center, Super Chat and the media. He said that he received at least dozens of complaints from these three sources with various problems in one day.

“I once received a call from one of the customers. As soon as I picked it up, what I received was insults and anger from the customer. I immediately got dizzy and felt angry, but I knew that it wasn't a good thing to do. "Finally I was given permission to go home and cool off," he recalled.

A strong mentality and good determination reflect the story of Deni's struggle as a call center team for J&T Express. According to him, whatever problems arise at work must be faced with resilience and don't give up easily. "If a mistake makes us give up, we will never develop," concluded Deni.

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