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Starting from Drop Point Admin Within 1 Year Mita Was Trusted To Be SPV J&T Express Barito

Mita (29), who previously had 5 years of working experience as a sales and accounting office, restarted her career at J&T Express as an admin of Drop Point Buntok – Barito, Central Kalimantan in 2018. This very different experience made Mita challenge herself to gain new experience in serve customers and use computers. Mita's impressive performance and initiatives took him to a new career path until she was trusted to be the SPV of J&T Express Barito which handle 5 Drop Points and more than 120 employees.

"The first time I became an admin at the time, the DP was not on the turnover target. But as an admin, I invited Sprinter Pickup to distribute brochures to the field during the exhibition in Buntok. And that's from work until the evening we go to the field so that customers send lots of packages. With hard work and determination, we finally achieved good results. That month we achieved our target and with good and friendly service, customers were satisfied with our service, so many recommended our Drop Point area to their friends." Mita said sharing her experience.

Of course, the job as SPV Barito has a striking responsibility compared to being an admin, Mita admits that at the beginning of this transition she experienced difficulties, one of which was that she had to be able to adapt to a team where one area and another had different characters and the language used by customers was different. Some use Indonesian, but some can only use regional languages which are quite not familiar to this woman who migrated from South Kalimantan.

"The most unique experience while being an SPV is when a customer complains using the local language and gets angry by slamming tables and chairs. Since Mita does not understand the language used by the customer, the customer does not get angry and ends up going home even though the customer is very angry because the sender did not respond to the chat from the customer. In addition, when the customer does not understand the COD SOP, employees are victimized, such as the admin being beaten by the customer, so Mita as the SPV must defend the employee because the customer has been playing with the admin," said Mita.

As an SPV for the Barito area, Mita regularly visits every drop point she handles, she conveys that the distance between the drop points is very far so it takes 3-4 hours to travel and has a route that is quite extreme where the left and right areas of the road are ravines and hills. Every time she visit a Drop Point, ask the colleagues to always be honest at work. She also applies discipline, honesty and friendliness in herself as an example.

Mita admits that in her work as an SPV, she has made various company contributions, such as being able to handle cases of using company funds by couriers and also cases that are very difficult to handle without a hitch, so that the team under her management becomes more disciplined and honest in their work. She has also provided increased sales in the Barito area and contributed to helping in the best complaint handling.

“During my 4-year career at J&T Express, Alhamdulillah, I am grateful that I was able to achieve my goals for my parents. In 2021 I can buy a car for my parents, but not long after that God has other plans, namely my mother must die but it is enough for me to be able to make my parents proud, in 2022 I can also get a house from the results of my hard work me at work. All of this I can get, of course, cannot be separated from the blessings of my parents, hard work, and good teamwork because without my team I am nothing,” said Mita.

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